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    If you fish a frog, then you know the highs and lows that come with it. You make the perfect cast and see the bass of a lifetime rise to destroy your bait. Your adrenaline skyrockets, you set the hook....but in a fraction of a second that feeling of excitement turns to heartbreak. You did everything right, but still the bass somehow, as if Houdini himself, found a way to escape the grasp of your offering.
    Yes, this is a little dramatic, but in that moment that's exactly what it feels like. So what do you do if you're already doing everything right? Get yourself a BOOM BOOM Frog from Stanfrod Baits. With it's innovative component called Frogfur, the BOOM BOOM Frog not onlysee your hooks ratios increase, and heartbreaks decrease. hook-up ratio by making it harder for bass to throw the bait. Try it for yourself and see your hookups increase.